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Insurance Rehabilitation Study Group
Copyright IRSG 2011                   IRSG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
The vision of IRSG is to serve as an innovative leader by promoting and advocating quality care and service delivery; through education and shared knowledge between members, the insurance industry and the healthcare community. IRSG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit  As IRSG's membership has grown, the intent has remained the same - to provide a forum of discussion and learning for concerned and active members.
Laurie Anderson  New Member
Naomi Anderson New Member
Linda Chambers lchambe2@travelers.com 
Virginia Gaskel M.D. New Member
Natalie Haefner n.haefner@wcra.biz 
Donald Hurter Emeritus Member dhurter@raecox.com 
Ann Jamie New Member
Randi Kretchman New Member
Michael Makowsky MD mmakowsky@njm.com
Debra Mayo dmayo@wcf.com 
Felicia Rosales Emeritus Member
Adam L. Seidner MD MPH aseidner@travelers.com
Holbrook H. Smith hsmith3@travelers.com
Linda Vendette New Member
Kim Ziegler kziegler@njm.com
Ceil V. Jung
Ceil V Jung RN, BSN, CCM Ceil.Jung@sfmic.com
Danette Heine, RN, BSN, CWCP, CPC dheine@nd.gov
Ted Jeffrie TJeffrie@mem-ins.com
Adam Seidner Holbrook Smith Mark Johnson Donald Hurter Nancy Haefner Debra Mayo Michael Makowsky Kathy Galia Felicia Rosales Linda Chambers Kim Zeigler Ann Jamie Virginia Gaskel Randi Kretchman Linda Vendette Naomi Anderson Laurie Anderson Danette Heine Ceil V. Jung Ted Jeffrie